Here's some information about this site.


Blessed Warrior was planned since summer of 2006, and was published on Sophitia's birthday on March 12 2007. It re-opened again on July 6 2011.

Site name

It took some time before we could come up with a nice site name. We checked Sophitia's weapons and attacks, but we didn't find anything we really liked. Then one day when Nancy was making the '24 warriors legend' page for her Cassandra shrine, she thought Blessed would be a word to fit Sophitia. It fits because she is blessed by the gods in her journey to destroy the evil Soul Edge. We added the word warrior, because Sophitia is simply a warrior when she's not living a family life ;)


It took a half year before we opened Blessed Warrior, but it had two homes which were Evey's two domains before we moved it to Nancy's domain Sophitia.org. Nancy decided later that she would quit doing webdesign, so the shrine moved back to Evey's new domain Potion.nu. It took one year to put it back up.