Blood Type

Sophitia's Blood type is B. The traits of this blood type (according to this site) are:
Cheerful, Optimistic, Active, Sensitive, Kind, Forgetful, Unorganized, Noisy, Egocentric
'Energetic and have the drive to reach towards goals. May be workaholics. Not the best team players and are individualistic. Do things at one's own pace. Strong personality adventurous. Likes to get one's own way. Are Sociable and enjoy entertaining.
Like to touch or be touched by others.'

I agree with most of them, apart from the Egocentric and Noisy ones. Sophitia is not that cheerful, but she definitely is active and "workaholic", considering the journeys she's started. Though it is obvious she does things for others and is not individualistic. I certainly agree with the "sensitive" and "like to be touched", she is the "Emotional Goddess" anyway, and she is in full love with her husband whom she obviously likes to touch.