Sophitia probably has the largest family of all the characters in the Soul series. Here's some info about them.


Sophitia's younger sister, Cassandra, looks up to Sophitia and tries to be as good as her. Sophitia is Cassandra's motivation to destroy Soul Edge and vice versa. It is often said that Cassandra is another Sophitia, share the same way of fighting, weapons and stage (In SCII). She is a playable character as well (in SCII and SCIII), who sets off on a journey to destroy Soul Edge. Cassandra is more sloppy than Sophitia, and even though she can be characterized as determined, she is overtaken by her love for her family, and makes mistakes such as breaking holy swords.


When Sophitia destroyed Soul Edge, she lost consciousness. A man named Rothion rescued her and carried her back home. They then fell in love and soon enough became engaged. But Soul Edge was once again reborn, and no matter how much Rothion wanted to protect Sophitia and go after the evil Blade himself, Sophitia, determined to save the world set off for another journey. Being a smith, Rothion, forged Sophitia a weapon, after Hepheastus told him so, and did the same for her sister. It is obvious how much Rothion and Sophitia love each other. I believe it is love at first sight. They want to protect eachother and Sophitia fights for her husband and want to return to him. Also, they have two children together, proof of their love.

Pyrrha and Patroklos

Sophitia's children. She fights for them and they are her motivation. As she says herself, because she is a mother, she fights for her children's future. After knowing that Tira is after them and that Soul Edge is reborn, she doesn't hesitate to start another journey to destroy the evil blade and protect her children.
Pyrrha and Patroklos are playable characters in Soul Calibur V.


Sophitia's mysterious brother. I don't have any picture of him and he is not mentioned in the story, but I suppose Sophitia loves him as well, as he is her brother.

Achelous and Nike

Sophitia's parents. They are not mentioned in the story either but I am sure she loves them as much as the rest of the family.


In Sophitia's Edge Master ending in the first game Soul Edge, it says that she is baking together with her sisters when she returns home. It is very known that she only has one sister. Only Cassandra is mentioned in every game, so it must be a spelling mistake. Another thing worth to mention is that Sophitia's whole family are translated different in the first game: father Ataros, mother Niek, sister Kathandra & brother Ruches.