Gallery - Soul Calibur

This game has the most artwork out of all the games in the series. The music playing in the Art Gallery is so wonderful and touching. I could stay there looking at the pictures for hours. Hover over the thumbnails to see comments from me. Do NOT direct link these pictures! Upload them to your own space if you want to use them.

First player CG Second player CG Full first player costume CG Full second player costume CG Beautiful artwork. Maybe she is praying to Hephaestus. Artwork number 2 Character concept of first costume Character concept of second costume Divine Revelation. Beautiful picture of Sophitia's 1p and 2p hairstyles It looks like Ivy has taken Sophitia as a hostage :o Sophitia shows us 8 way run Cute chibi artwork The Ancient Oracle. She really looks like a kind baker girl here. Profiles of Warriors - The Baker's Daughter Profiles of Warriors - Sophitia She looks so happy here Sophitia Vs. Lizardman 1 Sophitia Vs. Lizardman 2 Profiles of Warriors 2 - 16th Century Profiles of Warriors 2 - Destiny Profiles of Warriors 2 - Legends Profiles of Warriors - Sophitia and Xianghua Profiles of Warriors 2 - Maiden Warriors Profiles of Warriors 2 - The Eternal Tale Official fan art in the game Official fan art in the game Official fan art in the game Official fan art in the game Official fanart in the game. The Soul characters are on the beach! Haha XD Official fanart in the game. Such a cute group picture! Official fanart in the game. Cool group picture in a different style.