Gallery - Soul Edge

Sophitia's first look. Hover over the thumbnails to see comments from me. Do NOT direct link these pictures! Upload them to your own space if you want to use them.

This picture is from a Soul Edge calendar. Artwork. I like her head protector. Artwork. Sophitia is ready to strike! Sophitia's 3rd costume, I don't like the hat XD Sophitia's swimsuit. She also has it in the game. Li Long and Evil Siegfried are peeping on Sophitia while Voldo is attacking her :0 Dirty guys! Caught in the wind. Chibi artwork number 1 Chibi artwork number 2 A nice group picture

Screen captures of the Soul Edge / Blade opening movie; The Edge of Soul. This one is still my favourite Soul opening. The pictures were captured by me, they are in a quite bad quality though.