There are some other Soul characters that are interactioning with Sophitia. Here are the ones that are worth to mention.


Even though they don't interact a lot, except for Lizardman's destined battle, they are both blessed by Hephaestus. Lizardman is the 14th warrior of the 24 warriors that received holy ore from Hephaestus, and Sophitia is the 24th, so that make them part of the legend.


After Soul Edge, Tira is Sophitia's main rival. Tira wants to use Sophitia's children as a host for the Soul Edge. Sophitia encounters her in Ostrheinsburg Castle, and Tira tells her she wants to play with her children. Being a mother, Sophitia recognizes that the girl is actually miserable inside... Tira's intentions towards Sophitia's children is one of the reasons Sophitia started another journey. Destroying Soul Edge would stop Tira.


When Sophitia used all of her strength to destroy one of the Soul Edge swords, Taki came and rescued her from being killed by the angry Cervantes. Taki won over Cervantes and took Sophitia back home to safety.