Your first impression about Sophitia is that she is very religious and trusting. She leads a normal life and one day she follows Hephaustus orders' and starts a journey to save the world. Also it is mentioned by Hephaustus that she still believes in Ancient Greek Gods and prays to Athena.

Also she is really devoting and sacrificing, as well as determined. This is obvious not only in the first game but the whole series. She always puts her life aside and sets out on a journey to beat Soul Edge and never thinks of giving up. Our Goddess, is strong physically and mentally.

Furthermore, Sophitia is a person that wants to take care of others and wants them to be happy. She has a husband and two kids to look after and one sister that can be trouble when she decides to find and destroy Soul Edge. She starts her journey for them and the rest of the world as well. It is worth mentioning that she is very considerate with her enemies too. She urges people to quit, but noone ever listen to that XD. Most of her quotes unlike other characters' show some tenderness ("I understand you have your reasons too", "Your will... I will not let it go to waste.") and it is obvious that she doesn't want the people she fights with to be hurt ("Leave at once! It's for your own good!") and would rather avoid a battle ("I'd rather not fight... if we don't have to"). Her only enemies are Soul Edge and the people that want to hurt her family, most noteably Tira, though she feels sorry about her ("Don't you have a place to call home?"), and wants to make her atone for her sins and choose a right path.

To sum it up, Sophitia is a little complicated character. Sometimes she looks forward to winning and keep going, but other times she wants to make her enemies regret for what they are about to do. But it is certain that has a strong motivation and is a loving person, that will keep fighting as long as it is for others' happiness...