What Sophitia says in the game when she fights, before and after the battles.

Soul Edge

I'm sorry!
I will never forget you.

Soul Calibur

I want to save you!
I can't give up now!
I won't give up hope!
I won!
Was that too much?
Forgive me!
I can't lose!
Take this!
This is it!
I'm sorry!

Soul Calibur II

Before battle:

Okay, here we go!
Don't have a place to go home to?
Ready or not, here I come!
I didn't want to fight.
Are you sure this is what you want?
Okay, I'm ready!
I will win!
Gods, guide me!
I'll give it all I've got.
Gods, please give me strength.
Gods, hear my prayers!
Gods, please protect me.
May the gods be praised.
I must win for the children's sake!

After battle:

Time will heal you.
I want to save you.
Forgive me.
Get some rest.
Rothion, see me through.
Our prayers will be answered.
I won.
Did I overdo it?
Think about what you're doing!
Give up!
I won't give up hope!
I will go where the gods guide me!
I'm getting closer, one step at a time...
Gods, protect me.
I can't be defeated yet!
Don't say anything.
You're in pain... It's painful, isn't it?
Is this the end?
This can't be!
I realized that I have to deal with this.
Go home, everyone is worried.
I chose to come here of my own free will.
Hephaestus! Protect us!

During battle:

This is...
Stop it!
Take this!
That's it!
No mercy!
Are you okay?
How's that?
Like this!
How's this?

She also has 21 Attack screams, 14 Damage screams, 2 Breaths and 1 Death cry.

Soul Calibur III

Before battle:

Why do you raise your sword against me?
Leave this place, evil soul!
I'd rather not fight... if we don't have to.
I'm ready to fight you.
It looks like I have no choice.
I'm sorry, but I won't back down.
I understand you have your reasons too.
I won't back down!
Gods, guide me!
Okay, let's begin!
I will give it all.
Gods, grant me strength!
Don't you have a place to call home?
I will end this at once!
I don't want a fight!
Gods, hear my prayers!
Are you sure this is what you want?
Anytime you're ready!
Gods, protect me.
Okay, I'm ready.
I swear I will defeat you!
Let me save you.
I must keep moving forward...
Leave at once! It's for your own good!

After battle:

I must go on... I cannot let my injuries stop me!
May the Gods watch over you.
Your strength, it deserves to be used in a better way.
I know you have your reasons... I have mine as well.
Do not give in to your greed!
This isn't what you should be doing.
Your will... I will not let it go to waste.
You cannot win... with strength alone.
Just like me, there are people waiting for your return.
You cannot stop me. My will in unyielding.
I know that one day you will be forgiven.
Fear not, you will not die.
Please, think things over once more.
Worry not, you shall heal with time.
You're in pain... I wish it didn't have to be this way.
May the Gods be praised.
I, I cannot afford to lose yet!
I will not give up hope!
Victory is mine.
Perhaps I was too much?
Forgive me.
I shall go where the Gods guide me!
I've heard enough of you.
May you rest preacefully.
I must win! My children need me!
Regret your ways!
Give it up!
I must move onward, one step at a time.
Rothion... see me through.
My prayers will be answered.
Gods, grant me your protection.
Repent your sinful ways!

During battle:

Protect me!
It's punishment!
I'm sorry.
Don't get up!
Don't anger me!
Wrath of God!
That's it!
No forgiveness!
Excuse me.
This is... THE END!
Was that too much?

She also has 19 Attack screams, 19 Damage screams, and one and only Death cry (that I hope you will not hear when playing :P)