These are Sophitia's fighting stages.

Soul Edge

Eurydice Shrine

This temple was designed and constructed by the god of Forge, Hephaestus, one of twelve Olympian Gods. It recently lay in ruin, but due to the power of Sophitia's faith it has been restored to its former glory.
Sophitia arrived at the temple and received the blessed sword and shield from the god of metalworking.

Soul Calibur

Shrine of Eurydice

Legend says that circular shrine was constructed atop an ancient sacred mountain by the gods to sanctify themselves. As if to prove the legend, the path to the shrine consisted of gigantic stairs that no mere mortal could ever hope to scale.
Thus, the Shrine of Eurydice was builtupon a small plain at the edge of a nearby mountain in the hopes that the gods would come down from their shrine to visit them. Those who visit this shrine feel as if they are floating in air since divine light and a sea of clouds envelop them.

Soul Calibur II

Eurydice Shrine Gallery

This shrine is built high up a snow-covered mountain that is as beautiful as it is harsh. The scale of this temple is such that it is easy to believe that Olympian gods once dwelled in this place
Legends say Hephaestus, the god of fire and forge, built the main shrine on the top of the summit. This is evidence by the stairway that leads up to the shrine-the enormous steps are impossible for mortals to climb. Humans built this gallery around the giant stairway for their priest's use.
In one corner of the meticulously built gallery is the place where a blacksmith couple gave an offering of a sword and a shield to Hephaestus.
The arms have disappeared from the alter, however... Who could have taken them?

Soul Calibur III

Eurydice Temple - Gate of the Gods

The gods of Olympus are long forgotten and no longer worshipped. But a number of phenomena confirm that they once existed. This temple in the clouds is one of them. This circular temple, said to have been constructed by the god of the forge, Hephaestus himself, stands at the peak of a mountain. Around the sides of the mountain spirals a giant stairway.
People constructed a corridor for human use beside the stairway of the gods, for those who came to worship at the mountain peak. In front of the base of the stairs stands a temple marking the entrance to that corridor. It has been a great long time since this temple was constructed to call the gods to this place, but even those who visit it now will surely be awestruck by its beauty.